1. Andre

    When I rebuilt the Rough Pixels website, entirely with the block editor, I have to make the claim that the EditorsKit helped me through the process of a complete redesign. Common sense editor features being added to the block editor made sense; why the core team didn’t do this is beyond me.

    With the Typography features, albeit, premium, is something I’m sure many will appreciate. I agree though that people need to use caution as to how many fonts they use, especially if a theme also includes fonts. Load adds up very fast with fonts, but it’s also the varying font weights too.

    I looked at the premium pricing…reasonable. The amount of work Jeffery puts into this plugin, one has to realize the workload, support, and ongoing maintenance does need some financial resources to help keep it going.


    • Jeffrey Carandang

      Thanks Andre! I’m glad that EditorsKit helps a lot on your website and redesign. I have more features coming out real soon. I’m sure you’ll find them useful and time-saver as well ;)


  2. zakoops

    Self-hosted Google fonts support in view of GDPR?


  3. Vac

    EditorsKit is awesome WordPress plugin. I love beautiful typography, great job!


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