Editing WP-Config From Within WordPress

If you’re tired of uploading WP-Config.php after each change you make, consider using a brand new plugin by Dgwyer called Config Constants. It currently has support for nine commonly used constants with more possibly being added in the future. While the plugin does not actively add constants to WP-Config.php, it provides a way for you to enable/disable the ones that are discovered. The options for the plugin are fairly straightforward as you can see via the following screenshot:

Config Constants Options

One of the coolest features of this plugin is the information icon next to each constant which is linked directly to its corresponding Codex page. One other nice feature is the ability for two-way editing:

Also, a key feature of the Plugin is the support for two-way editing. This means you can still edit wp-config.php constants manually if you wish and your changes will be automatically synchronized with Plugin settings. Likewise, if you update the value of a constant via the Plugin options page then wp-config.php is immediately updated.

While I’m not sure how many power users are going to bypass their usual method of changing/uploading the WP-Config file to installing this plugin to perform the changes, at least the plugin exists for those that prefer to go this way. Just remember to backup the original WP-Config file, just in case. If you would like to give Dgwyer direct feedback concerning this plugin, you can do so in the comments or via the following forum thread.


5 responses to “Editing WP-Config From Within WordPress”

  1. It will probably only appeal to developers. I wanted a quick way to turn on/off WP_DEBUG in particular.

    Sometimes if I wanted to do a screen shot or video it was annoying to have every debug message shown from Plugins you have no control over. This Plugin gives you a super quick way to just toggle WP_DEBUG on/off.

    I don’t think I want to touch any db settings and make them editable in the admin. I could foresee a deluge of panicked support questions from people who have broken their site! That’s something I really don’t want to get into.

    What security features would you want to see controlled via the Plugin?

  2. Thought it might help beginners set the Authentication Unique Keys and Salts rather than having to access the config file directly.

    I don’t think many use these.

    Seems that one of the biggest errors when installing WordPress manually is the database connection errors.

    Just a thought and thanks for the reply David.

  3. Is there any method by which h@ckers can modify my wo-config.php file? I am asking because for my website my wp-config.php files gets modifies automatically I came to know this by reading the last modified date in the control panel(File manager).


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