1. Tony Zeoli

    Jeff, thanks for pushing on this. I use EditFlow myself. It’s a fantastic plugin and I am friendly with Daniel, who originally co-created it out of a SUNY project he was working on in their journalism program. Glad you were able to shake some trees with your post and get some attention placed on this great plugin. I look forward to future developments!


  2. RicMax

    I don’t use it but I love the fact that they listened to you. Real testament to your abilities as a WP journalist (Sarah too). WP Tavern fills my inbox with all I need to know…. ?. Thank you.


  3. Vitor Madeira

    GREAT news!


  4. Peter Shaw

    Would simply be better if WordPress had a post status api.


  5. Dave Warfel

    There’s nothing I love more than people admitting when they drop the ball… except for when people pick up said ball within 24 hours.

    Community at its finest.


  6. Rick Gregory

    First off, yes, that’s good news. But let’s see if this activity is maintained — there are 22 pull requests and over 100 issues in the tracker. Some are noise, but many aren’t. If 0.81 is still current 6 months from now… that wouldn’t be good. What Automattic needs to take from this is that, if they want to take over primary development of a plugin, they should maintain it and be responsive about issues.

    Second, are there other Automattic plugins that are also languishing? If so, well, see above.


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