EDD 2.3 Introduces New Customer Management Interface and Performance Improvements


Easy Digital Downloads 2.3 is available for download and includes new features along with performance improvements. One of the highlights is the new customer management interface. The improved interface lets you quickly browse customer data in an intuitive fashion. There’s also some new API’s that allow developers to interact with customer data behind the scenes.

New Customer Management Interface
New Customer Management Interface

File download URLs are more secure, have better performance, and are more reliable. URLs now contain secure tokens and expiration dates to maintain the security of files. This decreases the likelihood of individuals being able to tamper with downloadable files. URLs are also shorter and easier to share.

EDD 2.3 significantly improves stat tracking. For example, when you add or remove Download products on an existing payment record, the earnings and sales for the affected products are now properly updated when the payment record is saved. Performance improvements to reports include:

  • Tax reports are now much more efficient
  • A race condition related to the update process for Download earnings / sales has been resolved
  • Individual customer stats are now much more performant
  • The Sales / Earnings widget on the Dashboard now loads via Ajax to improve the first-load performance

According to Chris Christoff, core developer of EDD, the product has officially passed 10,000 commits made by 121 people since its inception on Github. Pippin Williamson, founder of EDD, states on Twitter that even though the release adds substantial features, the code base has shrunk significantly.

EDD 2.3 has eight other notable improvements:

  • Download products can now be added to the cart with multiple price IDs at one time
  • Better support for the Polylang plugin has been added
  • PayPal Buy Now buttons no longer create pending payment records on each click
  • A new {ip_address} email tag has been added
  • Numerous new action hooks and filters have been added for developers
  • Numerous translation files have been added and several new languages as well
  • The display of items in the cart widget has been improved to properly show quantities
  • A large number of minor PHP issues have been resolved

The full list of bugs and improvements is available on Github. You can download 2.3 from the WordPress plugin directory or update from within WordPress by visiting the Updates screen.


3 responses to “EDD 2.3 Introduces New Customer Management Interface and Performance Improvements”

  1. Yeah this is a pretty sweet update. And even though they’ve made some substantial changes under the hood, they managed backwards compatibility really well. That’s a more difficult thing to pull off than many people appreciate.

    The EDD team provides such reliable updates that they’ve lulled me into a false sense of security. I sometimes just update production without rigorous testing! :)


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