Easily Show When WooCommerce Items Are New, On Sale, or Sold Out With Woo Stickers

If you run a WooCommerce store with a lot of products and want a nice way to tell customers whether an item is new, on sale, or sold out, check out the Woo Stickers plugin by Webline. Created by Webline India, Woo Stickers makes it easy to provide visual cues on products. Stickers indicate whether a product is new, for sale, or sold out and comes in two styles, ribbon and round.

Notification Stickers and Styles
Notification Stickers and Styles

The plugin’s settings are modular in that you can configure stickers to display for some products while not appearing for others.

Woo Sticker Settings
Woo Sticker Settings

Woo Stickers uses image sprites so they should look fine for most WooCommerce store designs. Perhaps in the future, the plugin author can provide the ability to control the sprite and font colors for maximum theme compatibility. I tested the plugin in WordPress 4.0.1 and WooCommerce 2.2.8 and experienced no problems.


4 responses to “Easily Show When WooCommerce Items Are New, On Sale, or Sold Out With Woo Stickers”

  1. Unfortunately, this plugin kinda sucks! I have added all my products to my store, but only a few are considered NEW products…there is no way of differentiating between the two…So, if I want to use this plugin, I’ll have to delete all my ‘new’ items and re add them…Not a happy bunny!! :(


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