1. raisononline

    The moment you scroll through WP Tavern to find a fully formed plugin you already half way through development… Thanks for posting.. I think


  2. JenilK

    We have updated this plugin with new version with advance features
    Kindly update to new version : wordpress.org/plugins/woo-stickers-by-webline/


  3. George

    Unfortunately, this plugin kinda sucks! I have added all my products to my store, but only a few are considered NEW products…there is no way of differentiating between the two…So, if I want to use this plugin, I’ll have to delete all my ‘new’ items and re add them…Not a happy bunny!! :(


  4. Marty Rogers

    Been looking for a solution to show badges like this so will give it a shot, hope George’s comment isn’t all it seems. High hopes!


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