1. zu

    Nice, but I don’t get, what exactly the full benefit of this should be. A lot of themes apply the ” ” which allows a logged in user to open the actual post in the editor with one click.
    This seems comfortable and achieves about the same, or not?

    Of course the Slash Edit functionality is theme independent.
    Probably that it works on author and taxonomy archives is another plus.


  2. Ryan Hellyer

    This is an excellent little tool. I hate having to work out what page I’m on just to edit something.


  3. Brin Wilson

    I’m now thinking: wouldn’t it be cool to just add “/edit” to the end of a post or page to make all of the text instantly editable in a front-end editor… although, that’s not what this plugin does at all right?!


  4. Ronald Huereca

    @Ryan Hellyer,

    That feature is already in there. Should work for custom taxonomies too as long as they are registered in the init action.


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