1. Jesse Friedman

    I love the Dyad! I’m using it on my site right now.


  2. Oliver

    As an author of Receptar theme I must say guys at Automatic did a great job with Dyad fork!


  3. Frank

    Nice theme, I don’t see any way however to set the number of posts across to 3 columns as in the image above. My version shows just 2 post columns side by side rather than 3. How did you set yours to 3 columns? Thanks!


  4. Sedef

    Hi, I’m currently using Dyad theme but is there a way of seeing categories and their images on the front page instead of the latest posts? For example let’s say there are 4 categories so I want 4 images on the front page and when I click on one of the category images, my posts about that specific category appears in another page. I don’t want my posts appearing on the home page, but just the categories. Is that possible or is it a fixed homepage? Thank you for your help!


  5. Heather

    What size is the Featured Image pic?


  6. myadventures

    I love this theme! Very elegant and easy to work with.


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