1. Marcus Tibesar

    This is a huge waste of time…


  2. Bastian

    With the amount of bugs that remain unfixed on Trac, I just don’t understand why any amount of time was spent on this non-issue that nobody complained about.


    • Alex Miller

      It’s not a case of “we have to devote time to this issue” and more of “this is an issue I am interested in trying to solve”. Many of the bugs on trac can take considerable time to dig into and sometimes simply not enjoyable to work on.


      • Anh Tran

        Agreed with this. There’re many other things needed to considered than this. Resolving this issue probably doesn’t add any value to users, but frustration. And then there will be several blog posts trying to explain the problem, and a lot of Google searches done by users.


  3. Knut Sparhell

    As the first to voice clear opposition to this change, I would like to add:

    This was part of, or a side effect of, trying to solve some accessibility issues regarding meta boxes. Solving such is prime.
    It’s not about “wasting time”! Please read the ticket and the previous ones, leading up it.
    It’s, in my view, a discussion about the “essentialness” of being able to drag meta boxes around, seen as a third level option, or as a major, standalone and expected always available feature.

    Additionally, a rather academic discussion of whether this ability is to be called a ” Screen Option” or not, and therefore belong under the “Screen Options” panel, versus kind of standalone.

    The thing is now reverted. The basic issues will probably be revisited in the next cycle.


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