1. Ipstenu

    Ipstenu’s a she ;) But thank you so much for the link-back :) (and may I say again how invaluable your site is?)

    I’ve been using the phrase ‘Tripod of Security’ ever since I was a lowly pimply-faced intern, saddled with the job of cleaning up viruses off people’s PCs. If I got it from anyone, it was from the curmudgeon security guru whom I revered as my idol.

    And if you’ve read the thread on security, I’m one of those arguing that WP doesn’t need a built-in security feature. I just don’t like the idea of WP taking on more responsibility like that (and I feel it’ll be a detriment, in the end, to what WP is – a good blogging/CMS utility).


  2. Jeffro

    @Ipstenu – Corrected the post, sorry about that. As for responsibility, I feel the same way which Is why I feel it’s important for people to think about how far that responsibility should go outside of being an excellent publishing system.


  3. Daniel Craig Jallits

    I brought this up late last year in the poorly used WordPress Ideas section – http://wordpress.org/extend/ideas/topic/built-in-security-features. Maybe I should have, but I never took my case to any of the WordPress mailing lists.


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