Does Sex Sell WordPress Themes?

In what is the first time I’ve ever seen the issue raised, WP Garage brings up the topic of whether scandalous images sell more WordPress Themes? In the examples Rebecca Markowitz provides within the post, there are a couple of images featuring women covered in different colors of paint while barely having any clothes on. The third example shows an image of a topless female and male laying on the floor apparently hugging each other.

Sex Sells Themes

Rebecca’s main concern is showing these themes to clients, especially younger ones where these type of images border on inappropriate. Obviously, for porn themes, sex sells, but I can’t remember the last time I saw a theme on a marketplace that stopped me dead in my tracks because of a demo content image of a naked woman or a naked man or anything close that I would consider to be inappropriate. Have you? Also, is this a legitimate concern amongst other WordPress consultants?

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