Does Scheduling Posts Freak You Out?

Well, does it? I mentioned on Twitter that often times, when I hit the button to schedule a post, I freak out for about three seconds because I see the text that says Post Published. In my mind I’m thinking hey, I didn’t want to publish this post but have it scheduled to post in the future. So my first instinct is to look to the right in the publish widget and make sure the status is set to scheduled. One time, I accidentally published a post to the frontpage when I really wanted to have it scheduled. That was annoying.


At any rate, I think that instead of the text saying Post Published after I schedule a post, it should say Post Scheduled along with the time the post is scheduled for just like it does in the Publish widget so that it doesn’t freak me out and I can consider the text normal behavior. I think this is a usability issue, but before I make any noise about it, I wanted to get your thoughts.

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