1. Jan Dembowski

    Seemed alright to me.

    The Pingdom Tools report was a little long though at 12 seconds.


  2. Bill | Edward Rayne

    I don’t know if its “faster” because I read through RSS and seldom actually visit the site. However it looked and felt very fast. Firebug reports it at 637ms before all the jQuery onload stuff.


  3. Ewen

    Yslow – this page gets 57/100. Some of that is cos the corp gateway here doesn’t do gzip but a lot of it is because you have no expiry headers, except on the Gravatars (they do that). Every page request sends a GET for absolutely everything – all 53 requests. With client caching that could be down to 1 or 2 requests, not 53 requests with 304 Unmodified returns

    Have a look at my blog post at http://icanhazdot.net/2010/03/23/some-wordpress-stuff/

    It’s a round-up of several posts I found on optimizing client caching. It made a huge difference to my site speed on a shared host with no CDN.


  4. Ipstenu

    You know… I didn’t notice it being any faster or slower. The forums, since you upgraded, have run faster, but I don’t know if CDN helped any.


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