1. Tessa Kriesel

    Whoa! This is big news. Congrats all around! So happy to see this acquisition.


  2. WPEnjoy

    ACF is a must-have plugin for many WP developers, and I have used it in dozens of WP projects. Just hope that the new owner keeps ACF clean and easy to use.


  3. Bastian

    Touesnard also confirmed that Delicious Brains will not be making any drastic changes to ACF or ACF Pro, nor do they plan to adjust the pricing of the product anytime soon.

    In a few years from now, we’ll see something like… “To best accommodate our customers growing needs we have to update our subscription plans and hike prices by 100%”. Mark my words.


  4. Ant Ekşiler

    Really happy for Condon. ACF is our goto solution for projects with complex post meta data needs.


  5. J. Oldenburg

    I think Elliot made a very brave but difficult and good decision. I want to thank Elliot for his outstanding work and contributions to the WordPress community. Without his work my projects would have been a lot different and perhaps way more complex.


  6. Steven Gliebe

    Now that is an acquisition I am not worried about. Great news for everyone.


  7. Elebril

    It’s never easy to let go of a product that was a labor of love, but as the scope and success grow to degrees that would make a single person unable to fulfil the needs – it is a sign of commitment to quality. Congratulations to Mr. Condon on this huge success and good luck with future projects.


  8. Hesham

    Great news!

    Looking forward to see more bright feature for ACF and ACF Pro, congratulations to Delicious Brains.


  9. Jeff van Loben Sels

    Congrats to both Elliot and Delicious Brains. ACF is such an important part of the Custom WP Theming work that I’ve done over the years. I honestly look forward to the part of every project where it’s time to define the fields and program the templates. I really respect the amount of work and time that he’s put into the project, from developing the right balance of functionality/UX as well as all the time he and other volunteers spent in the forums.


  10. Josh Allen

    “We are committed to honoring lifetime licenses forever,” Touesnard said. “Lifetime license holders will get all ACF Pro software updates forever.”

    This is such a big part of the announcement that I was worried about. My only concern at this point is if in the future they’ll announce a name change and ‘void’ lifetime license holders because it’s technically not ACF Pro. Given Delicious Brains’ past history, I’m not incredibly concerned, but overall with how acquisitions go, it’s definitely in the back of my mind and will continue to be there.


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