1. Miroslav Glavic

    Was the live stream feed…

    1) Paid for by WordCamp Organizers
    2) A provider paid for it
    3) Someone/company that is not the providder paid for it?

    I would seriously love for the WordCamp Foundation to pay for the internet/wifi and live stream for all WordCamps. I want to attend some speakers at WordCamps but they are too far (I live in Canada).


    • Doug S.

      We spent a portion of our budget on providing the livestream, as well as the wifi, coffee, lunch, lemonade, etc. *grin*

      Basically, what I’m saying is that it’s a part of our whole event cost and, as such, we’re looking to serve the WordPress community as best as we are able. We do appreciate the constructive criticism we’ve been provided and hope to have most, if not all the issues folks encountered ironed out for tomorrow’s sessions.

      Thanks for watching the stream, thanks for supporting the Camp from afar, and please excuse the inevitable hiccups. Be sure to catch the sessions you miss when they’re posted to WP.tv



  2. Lisa

    I really enjoyed the live stream, and also found the support to be excellent and fast when their were a few hiccups in the morning getting started. I’m also looking forward to watching them later on WordPress.tv.

    I think the quality of the presentations was excellent and liked being able to change rooms during a break and catch something I missed. Of course, I’d love to attend next year’s in person, but the live stream is the next best thing.


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