1. Josh

    I think it would also be nice to include an option to specify a url the image could link to when clicked.


    • Mel Choyce

      Totally! ? That’s accounted for in the widget — you can add a link both when you’re picking the image, and if you go back and edit it later.


  2. Shashikant Yadav

    You are right this will make very simple to add images in wp sites.


  3. Bob Dunn

    I would love to see this. There are so many users that want something simple for putting an image in a widget area. The Image Widget is great but would be nice to see it in core.

    Others choose not to install another plugin and use the text widget with HTML, but for many, there is still that small learning curve in order to do that.


    • Primoz Cigler

      I agree with Bob. I try to keep number of plugins low as always the plugins add the overhead and usually some branding and upgrade notices.

      So I use text widget at the moment, but even if you have tons of experience with HTML the flow is painful, because one needs to go to media library first to upload the image, get the url and then go to create the widget.

      Great addition to core!


  4. Odira Ndubuisi

    That is a welcome development. I think it will be nice.


  5. Anh Tran

    This is an awesome idea. I’ve been using the image widget in Jetpack, but this seems to have a better UI. It’s nice to have it in the core, so normal users can just use it.


  6. Brian Kachejian

    Anything that speeds up the image addition process is welcome by editors like myself.


  7. Benson

    The WSIWYG on text widgets will be fantastic


  8. Rajkumar kanagaraj

    great move. it will reduce one of external plugins on my Blog.


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