1. Collins Agbonghama

    Awesome. Any tentative date or WordPress version when this will be merge to core?


  2. Peter Knight

    Changesets is one of those things that will get little hype in advance, but is secretly a quantum leap for WordPress.


    • mark k.

      how so?

      How exactly are you going to resolve merge conflicts? hmm sorry… how will you even know there is one? Take for example one changeset that sets the text color to white and another that sets the background to white. Each one of the changes might look ok when tested, but together the results in an unreadable site.

      The whole changeset idea is parallel to reality. In reality every code change like theme or plugin update will need to result in nullifying changes set because you have no idea what would be the impact of combining the changeset with the new code.

      I can see some use case for people that might get interrupted while making big amount of changes, but how often that happens? almost never?

      This is totally plugin territory, and the bloat do not have to be inflicted on the 99% of wordpress users that will not even understand the idea behind changesets.


      • Peter Knight

        Because changesets provide the technical architecture to test, store and schedule changes without affecting the ‘live’ site. That’s hugely significant.

        Tell me what is the more mature, user-friendly way for users to edit their sites:

        1) Toggling between back-end and front-end and hoping changes will work out nicely but not knowing in advance and having web visitors be exposed to your experiments.

        2) Live preview controls so that you no longer have to switch between back-end settings screens and the front of the site, and you instantly see what a setting change does.

        3) Test, design, experiment, tweak to your hearts content without affecting the live site. Compare different sets of changes and share those changes with others for feedback. Take those changes live when you’re ready.

        Today, 3 is only really possible if you setup a staging and/or development site. This puts it out of reach of basic site owners while introducing user-hostile complexity for the rest. Changesets helps provide a quantum leap for the site creation experience, making WP a much better platform to work with.


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