1. Marcus Tibesar

    This will be a super useful plugin!

    Our family archives have over 1,000 posts in the classic block and about 50 newer posts strictly Gutenberg. We are excited to test, and eventually convert all of our posts to GB!

    Thank you for sharing David Morgan!


  2. Marcus Tibesar

    I had a few pages with shortcodes. After converting them, it appears the plugin did not insert the shortcode into the new Gutenberg shortcode block.

    Other than that it appears to work fine. It definitely will save me tons of time! So grateful…


    • Justin Tadlock

      Thanks for mentioning this. That’s one thing I didn’t look at.


    • Esther Nowack

      This might be even an advantage if switching from a pagebuilder to gutenberg. All propriety shortcodes of pagebuilders would be removed with one click.


    • Marcus Tibesar

      I wish that were the case Justin but actually they are removed (when using the latest WordPress with it’s included Block Editor). After conversion, the GB shortcode block is present, but sadly, the shortcode is missing.

      Based on Esther’s use-case, it seems it would be beneficial if the plugin developer could add an option to remove shortcodes or leave them in place. I don’t use a page builder, so I need my shortcodes to remain in place.


      • David Morgan

        Thanks for all the positive feedback! I’m glad to hear others have found the plugin helpful. :)

        In regards to the shortcode conversion issue, the plugin relies on the core Gutenberg block conversion functionality. Meaning, the plugin doesn’t actually process the conversion, Gutenberg does. The Bulk Block Converter plugin simply makes it possible to convert multiple posts and pages at once from a single interface. As a result, the issue is with the way Gutenberg handles the conversion.

        The same issue occurs without the plugin installed, when navigating to a page that has shortcodes contained within a “Classic” block, and then choosing the option to convert to blocks.

        If the issue is a concern, opening a support ticket with Gutenberg and/or WordPress might be the best course of action, https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/gutenberg/



        • Marcus Tibesar

          @David Morgan – I installed the latest version of Gutenberg (ver 7.7.1).

          I edited a single post containing shortcodes and Convert to Blocks. This worked great. So this is not an issue with Gutenberg 7.7.1.

          I then opened up the Bulk Block Converter and Scanned. I then Convert one single post containing a shortcode. The converted post did not contain the actual shortcode.

          So it seems the plugin behaves differently than Gutenberg…


  3. Denis Žoljom

    Can somebody create convert ACF fields to blocks?

    Asking for a friend 😂😂😂

    P.S. and by convert I don’t just mean leave content in post meta, but convert content to post_content..


  4. Timothy

    This is a very great plugin.
    Thanks for creating this.


  5. Gary Taylor

    Now that is useful. I’ve only around 300 to convert, but will give it a go rather than do each post & page in turn.
    You’d think there would be a bulk conversion option in WordPress already, but then… WordPress.


  6. Harleen

    Bulk Block Convertor Plugin, Sounds quite helpful. It will save some of our precious time and make things simpler. Thanks for creating and sharing info about it!


  7. Sami Loh

    Very helpful plug in, I was looking for a solution in order to change all the blog posts on my websites to Gutenburg. SEO people recommend using Gutenburg instead of classic editor.


    • Johanna SEO

      “SEO people recommend using Gutenburg instead of classic editor.”

      Did they say why exactly?


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