1. Viper007Bond

    I definitely get where sivel is coming from. I only survive because I basically ignore most of my plugins, especially the unpopular ones. Even then though…


  2. Hyder

    While I understand where Matt is coming from, i.e to stick with the spirit of open source, he also has to see that even though WordPress.org is free they do charge for some select options on WordPress.com and a heck of a lot more on their VIP service. I believe this helps them stick with the spirit, for that warm fuzzy feeling as well as a warm healthy meal.

    It can be a challenge to go down that route though, as the majority of people will expect it for free.

    Matt, you could have easily channeled your resources into one or two major plugins and offered upgrades for a fee. There are many people who appreciate extra features and support that way. We’ve been moderately successful with this (for the amount of time we spend on it) and I believe someone of your caliber can be as well.


  3. Jeffro

    @Viper007Bond – I thought with this conversation, I’d bring out the more human side of the equation. Generally all we get to see and read is the code/development aspects. Usually, there are behind the scenes forces at work dictating decisions and developments we don’t know about.


  4. Joel Fisher

    I think Sivel needs to step up his game and develop more plugins for free.

    He needs to explain to his wife that WordPress is more important than anything. Spending time with your wife/kid(s) needs to come after plugin development, with food and paying a mortgage to follow last.

    If Sivel really cared for the community, he would sell his car (get a bike), sell his cellphone (just use e-mail), downgrade to dial-up ($10/month), and continue to crank out plugins that make all of our lives easier.

    I really find Sivel is being selfish here.

    Money and spending time with your family isn’t everything man. Geesh. :)

    (Ha! I don’t blame you man. Keep your focus pointed in the right directions. Great decision.)


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