1. Giulio Daprela

    I admit I am biased in my comment because I am one of their experts but Codeable is a breath of fresh air. In a world dominated by low cost marketplaces, a place that matches clients that have the budget and want quality work and people that have the skills to deliver that quality is much needed.


  2. Alex Belov

    I’m Codeable expert but, you know, i would use it only even if i was just a client. Many of my current clients tried to hire devs from other WordPress services but they all finally coming to us. I always love to repeat simple words – don’t try to save money by using cheap and low quality products. Eventually you’ll pay again and again.
    That’s why i really happy that now even more WordPress fans will know about Codeable! Let’s make world better!


  3. Bowe Frankema

    Codeable is a pretty great example of a WordPress centered business really hitting it out of the ballpark. I’ve never had to use their services, but I end up on their blog often to read their in-depth articles about WordPress & custom development. Congratulations on the partnership Codeable team :-)


  4. Paolo

    We had to stop sending clients to Codeable right after one of their so called experts suggested to a customer we referred to them, to use a different plugin rather than ours. What a genius right? He managed to upset both the client and a business that was sending them clients with one shot.


    • Christopher

      Hey Paolo,
      My name Chris I’m on of the Codeable in house team, I’d love to address this issue please contact me chris*codeable.io.
      Kind regards


    • Bruno Kos

      Paolo, if I may ask – were you upset because Codeable developer didn’t suggest your plugin or because your plugin was a better choice for the job?

      In any case, not sure that you can evaluate ANY developer based on the above.


      • paolo

        Hi Bruno,

        If you’d ever referred me one of your customers to do a job you normally wouldn’t do and to thank you I’d try to convince him to stop using your services, would you send me more customers?

        The customer was already using our products and we referred him to Codeable, because we don’t offer customization services. The expert suggested to switch to a different product.

        I’m sure the developer acted in good faith, maybe he knew the other product better and felt confident he could do a better job with it.

        However, if the Codeable team wants to partner with themes and plugins developers to send them their clients for custom jobs, similar things shouldn’t happen.

        My 2 cents.


        • Bruno Kos

          I see, it makes sense, especially from the business perspective.

          Even though it can be tricky sometimes, especially if a developer already has another solution or is not that familiar with yours up to the point where custom work needs to be done.


        • Paolo

          It’s not tricky at all, if you are not familiar with the plugin you are asked to customize, you shouldn’t take the job.

          If you’d accept it and then you try to push the customer to change platform solely to accommodate YOUR interests, you’d represent exactly the type of expert I wouldn’t want to do business with.


  5. Raleigh Leslie

    Woo Woo!

    This can only mean awesome things. Automattic and Codeable – what a killer partnership. I’m one of the Codeable experts and can tell you we’re doing all we can to put ★★★★★ Quality back into hiring the help of WordPress professionals. Accountability is huge.

    Quotes from Per and Tomaž in this article display Codeable’s quality in leadership that will surely bring much more great news for the entire WordPress community looking ahead.


  6. Puneet Sahalot

    Have been a long time Codeable Contractor and couldn’t be more happy with it! It’s been one of the fantastic things that has happened to my freelance carrier.
    This new partnership is simply brilliant! Wishing Codeable team laods of success.


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