Code Garage Migrations Are Underway

Code Garage LogoIn late 2012, VaultPress announced that they had acquired security company Code Garage. At the time, the acquisition seemed like a talent grab more than anything else. Even though VaultPress stated that they would continue to work on the Code Garage product, it didn’t make much sense to have both services. When I initially reported on the acquisition, I told Code Garage customers to watch the situation closely because at some point, Code Garage was going to close up shop in favor of VaultPress.

VaultPress has now confirmed that they will be shutting down Code Garage after July 1st.

Today we’re happy to announce a migration plan that provides Code Garage users with the protection they’re used to — while letting us improve security and backup services for everyone by focusing our resources on VaultPress. Through July 1, all Code Garage customers are invited to migrate to VaultPress. To sweeten the deal, your first two months are on us — you won’t see a charge from Code Garage or VaultPress for two months after the migration. After those 2 months, your Code Garage bill will remain unchanged – you’ll keep paying what you’ve been paying as a Code Garage customer.

If you’re not interested in migrating, we’ll maintain your service at Code Garage through July 1, and give you your last month free.

Any Code Garage customer that migrates to VaultPress will automatically be placed on the VaultPress Lite plan with the addition of daily security scans. For a detailed look at how Code Garage was founded and how Timthumb played a role in the company’s success, read this blog post by founder Peter Butler.


One response to “Code Garage Migrations Are Underway”

  1. Hi Jeffro,

    Well Migrating to VaultPress can be done in just a few simple steps. There has been an automated migration tool set up for Code Garage users that begins at the Code Garage Dashboard. From there, you will need to go to the VaultPress Migration Page, and click on the corresponding red box. This will create an identical VaultPress account for your website(s), at which point the user will be allowed to login and begin the actual process (this only takes a few seconds in real time). Once completed, there are no further migration actions necessary on the customer’s behalf.


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