1. Len

    “Hopefully, someday we won’t have to worry about oppressive regimes restricting … sites that support freedom of speech.”

    Unfortunately I don’t see that happening anytime soon. You also have countries that block nearly everything such as N. Korea.

    Many moons ago I ran a political blog that was blocked in China. Over the course of several years I mentioned their leadership only 2 or 3 times but that was enough apparently. They are quite vigilant.


  2. Garis

    Opressive regimes, that’s funny. Here we are in the midst of changing the American healthcare system which is 1/6th of our economy and it is being done by FORCING youth to purchase health insurance plans they neither need or want in order to subsidize elder Americans and illegal aliens. Go figure!


  3. Tom

    The US is far from an oppressive regime. One of the two major parties has been very public and vociferous in its strident objections to the new health care law. In China if any public official even hinted at opposition to the official state system to even a thousandth of a degree of that, they would certainly be removed from office in disgrace, and maybe even be shot for treason.

    Just because you don’t like what the US government is doing, particularly such a hotly debated topic as health care, don’t confuse that with an oppressive regime. The opponents to the current ruling party get their say every day, and will eventually get their turn to be in control again. In China there is only one party, and the opponents don’t officially exist.

    Oh, and if you think being forced to buy a health insurance plan is oppressive, try moving to China and becoming a citizen. I’m sure you’ll be singing a different tune then.

    And even suggesting that subsidizing elderly people’s health care is oppressive? I’m guessing you haven’t helped any old ladies across the street lately…


  4. James

    Your comments around the elderly are offensive and disgusting. How dare you when we are discussing WP issues etc. What the …. does that have to do with ???

    I am so offended. Shake your …. head, do you hear anything?.. no?.. because it is empty thats why.


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  6. Abdul

    Jetpack comments and subscription modules both are not working. However other modules are fine to use. I did a tweet to WP.com and they said that sometime these modules work partially. It’s a very bad situation. Jetpack comments doesn’t matter because we have a theme default comment system as an alternative but using a subscription module is painful because either other systems are not reliable enough or time consuming to implement.


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