1. Christee

    I used the bulk editing feature of Post Type Switcher a year or so ago when I was doing some site restructuring adding custom post types. I coupled it with the Taxonomy Converter plugin to handle custom taxonomies for the new CPTs. In one case I was going from page to CPT, so used the approach covered here, http://www.markwarddesign.com/2014/02/remove-custom-post-type-slug-permalink/ (the original WP VIP link no longer works), to keep the URLs the same.

    It’s definitely a valuable, temporary niche plugin. And, as you mention, these types of changes are definitely best tested on a staging site before going live!


  2. Dan
  3. FB George

    For bulk conversion there is Convert Post Types https://wordpress.org/plugins/convert-post-types/
    You can change all posts from one post type to another, or only post from certain categories.


    • John James Jacoby

      Looks like a great plugin by a friendly and reputable author. I’ve reached out to see if she’d be interested in collaborating. It’s such a simple action, it shouldn’t require two plugins.


  4. Rubén Polanco

    Hello guys i’m using this tool to migrate to a new theme that i got but i can’t find the bulk option can someone tell me where is located?


    • Christee

      Yes, it’s a bit hidden, and not covered by the plugin FAQs. From the Posts or Pages or CPT list, select the checkbox for several posts. From the Bulk Actions dropdown select Edit and then Apply. You’ll see several properties that can be in Bulk, one is Post Type.
      Good luck!


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