BuddyPress Theme Development Book Now Available on Amazon

bpthemedevIf you want to grow in your BuddyPress skills, there’s a new book on the market that you’ll want to get your hands on. BuddyPress Theme Development has just hit Amazon. The digital version is out now and you’ll be able to get a printed copy on October 24th, 2013. Packt will also have a version of the book that includes access to code for those who want to “follow along at home” with the code examples.

Written by expert BuddyPress theme developer and contributor, Tammie Lister, this book will help you learn how to create BuddyPress themes from start to finish. BuddyPress Theme Development provides a comprehensive guide to BuddyPress theming with practical, hands-on tutorials that will put you on the path to building your own themes.

Tammie walks you through the basics, such as how to use CSS to make changes to themes. She also includes more advanced topics like creating custom templates for BuddyPress components. You’ll learn how to add functionality to enhance your community, including how to build your own widgets into your theme. Once your theme is finished, Tammie shows you how to run theme-checks to ensure that it’s ready for launch.

I checked in with Tammie for a mini Twitter interview on the details of the book. She has been working on it since just after BuddyCamp Miami, which took place in early April of this year. Many theming books are outdated even before they hit the shelves, but Tammie has made sure that everything in her book is up to date with the upcoming BuddyPress 1.9 release. She is the developer heading up the work on the new template pack that will ship with BuddyPress 1.9.

If you’re a BuddyPress developer looking for resources to keep your skills sharp, BuddyPress Theme Development is a good one to add to your collection. Packt Publishing couldn’t have found a better person to write this book. Get your copy today on Amazon or pre-order the printed edition from Packt Publishing to get the eBook and PacktLib access thrown in for free.


2 responses to “BuddyPress Theme Development Book Now Available on Amazon”

  1. Hmm, is this validation that BuddyPress is starting to get a large audience? I hope the knowledge in this book translates to more awesome BuddyPress themes in the future!

  2. […] BuddyPress Theme Development is a book that will teach you how to create BuddyPress themes from start to finish. You couldn’t find a better gift for the BuddyPress designer, developer or enthusiast in your life. BuddyPress Theme Development is available on Amazon in paperback or kindle version. […]


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