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  1. hnla

    Thanks for the write up Sarah.

    Yes there are areas in the overall concept that are perhaps weak but we do hope that this might just provide a means for the community to extend the the visual styling of BuddyPress in a simple enough fashion that can gain a lot of traction and enhance BP’s theme compat appeal.

    My current concern is that the process for including modules might be a tad awkward for users to get to grips with, but it was felt that core changes to BP at this early stage were premature to make but as and when things pick up we’ll look at improving the users experience in this area.

    Point taken on the support policy statement, it was never intended to be a negative statement, but I felt that it was important to stress that responsibility for the modules and the code therein belonged with the authors or more importantly that BP core devs weren’t burdened by additional responsibilities – even though I and others would always be more than willing to help an author with a module . This needs to be a community led and fuelled project. The liability section I agree isn’t perhaps the most positive, here, again, I had a fear that given we are talking themes and therefore can never know for certain what conditions might arise for a module, it’s impossible for a module to be tested to work for all situations/themes. A module might be dropped into a situation where it did fail and I wanted to somewhat pre-empt that event.

    I will take a further look at the tone and purpose of the support policy and look to re-write it to better represent the project.

    Your last comment is an interesting one, I agree that a compelling reason will help and would have hoped that the compelling reason would have been to help enhance and provide a more vibrant BP community through code snippets and that this project was yet one more manner in which the community could get involved especially those looking to cut their teeth in coding, obviously authors would get mentions and listings and in time we might introduce further module listings when appropriate on the main .org site.

    I am very open to suggestions on improving /providing greater compelling reasons though, as there are a lot of areas like that that could do with more detailed thought. At the end of the day and to some extent the desire was to get something in place that could be refined and iterated on, and I would love feedback on how we might improve on this trial project either here or on the bpdevel posts comments.



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