1. Brian Carnell

    There used to be a bug/feature where WordPress would pretty much fail as soon as you exceeded a number of pages…I remember using WordPress a few years ago for a site that had 750 pages and it was essentially unusable.


  2. Chris Hajer

    Brian, that was the permalink rewrite rule bug, and it’s been addressed in 3.3. No worries now.

    Good info:


  3. bobschecter

    With all of the hoopla surrounding BuddyPress early on, and what appeared to be a big need for social community plugins, and that BuddyPress maintains “extensibility”, I wonder why BuddyPress has evolved so little and so few have taken up the cause to make it more extensible. Seems revamping the codex would be on the bottom of the to-do list, not the top.


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