1. Gregg

    With a project coming up that might end up using BuddyPress, it would be wonderful to have some sort of blog post or page on a BuddyPress site that actually gives an idea of whats coming in 5.0.0. What major changes? New Features? Breaking code?

    I searched and the best I could find was the list of closed and open tickets with the 5.0.0 tag on their trac, which really isn’t that helpful.


  2. David Decker

    This “Info” tab/screen makes total sense. This kind of info/Debug data is absolutely helpful for site owners already, and especially in plugin support.

    That is the reason, I already began to add such integration to my own plugins. The first 5 are live with it, a lot more will follow.

    Finally a central place and API for doing such things! :-)


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