BuddyPress 2.6 to Introduce New API for Navigation


In an exceptionally well-documented commit message, BuddyPress lead developer Boone Gorges introduced a new API to manage single item navigation, thanks to contributions from core developers Mathieu Viet and Raymond Hoh. Gorges summarized the changes to how BuddyPress will handle navigation in the upcoming 2.6 release:

The new BP_Core_Nav overhauls the way that BuddyPress registers, stores, and renders navigation items. Navigations are now component-specific, eliminating the potential for confusion and conflict between navigation items with similar names in different components, and opening the possibility of generating navs for separate objects of the same type on a single pageload.

The previous navigation system used bp_nav and bp_options_nav, global properties that managed nav and subnav across all of BuddyPress’ components. Developers had a difficult time extending navigation and sometimes ended up stepping on each other’s toes when adding similar navigation items.

“The new system eliminates most of these problems, by removing direct access to the underlying navigation data, while providing a full-fledged API for accessing and modifying that data,” Gorges said.

Although the new API ensures backward compatibility with the legacy bp_nav and bp_options_nav, plugin developers whose extensions depend on these methods will want to update their code. With the exception of certain configurations running PHP 5.2.x, most plugins should work the same as before.

However, Gorges’ commit message details a handful of small ways that the new API may break backward compatibility in a few rare instances. BuddyPress plugin developers will want to review these ahead of the upcoming 2.6 release. Beta 1 is just one week away from release on May 25 and the official release is targeted for June 15.



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