BuddyPress 1.2.2 Released

Although the announcement has not yet been published on the BuddyPress blog, the release history page on the site has been updated to show the changes in version 1.2.2. A number of bugs have been fixed such as:

  • Fixed inconsistencies with new account activation between WordPress MU and standard WP. All new accounts must now be activated to confirm a valid email is being used.
  • Fixed problems with table generation when MySQL strict mode is enabled.
  • Fixed issues when visiting pages with restricted access via notification emails when the user is not logged in.
  • Fixed bugs with saving empty valued profile fields with multiple options, even when they are not required fields.

You can get the new version from the download page.


One response to “BuddyPress 1.2.2 Released”

  1. Ok, so I have a client wanting to build out a few sites utilizing the Buddypress social network features. Now that WP 3.0 has been release, which seems to make using MU a thing of the past for Buddypress, do I do it the new way with 3.0 (but it’s still a new release with some issues to work through) or do I do it the old way with MU and Buddypress?


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