1. istoselides webmate

    it’s logical for v3 of bootstrap to be depricated , they have to move on…


  2. Sajan Kota

    This is the right thing to do. As a user of bootstrap we will be in a better position to know which version to use. Anyways I have stopped using bootstrap V3 long back for my projects. It would have been great if release date of version 5 is released.


  3. Andre

    It’s about time. I started using BS4.0 when it was in beta and never used 3 since then. However, I am now venturing into CSS Grid–designing a theme right now with CSS Grid and Flexbox (no Bootstrap). One of the big issues with Bootstrap is RTL support; lack of. Then, of course, there’s the bloated BS framework. I eventually took snippets of only what I was using in a theme and dumped the rest (usually 90% of it).


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