1. Scott

    One can only imagine how much more time would’ve been wasted had Big Bite Creative not been able to work “in partnership with WordPress.com VIP”! :)


    • Iain McPherson

      Hi Scott,

      Thanks for your comments. I’m Iain from Big Bite.

      The primary purpose of the article was to share the video we created with WordPress.com VIP to show how Gutenberg can be used, and how it is impacting such a great charity.

      Despite the challenges we raised in the article, the delays in the project are not related to Gutenberg. This is the second commercial project we will be launching with Gutenberg, and we are confident in the approach.

      As you can imagine projects of this size can often experience small delays, and in this case, the Amnesty team wanted to spend a little longer refining their content before launch.

      Don’t worry once it launches we’ll be letting everyone know along with more detailed posts about how we approached the build.



  2. Steffen M.

    Where can we see the amnesty site based on Gutenberg? When will the site be launched?

    No link here, no link in bigbitecreative blog, no link at WordPress VIP, just an announcement about “launching in September”.

    Wouldn’t it be better to publish this article after the launch really has happened?


  3. D

    This is very interesting!
    Can’t wait to see what the new default theme of WordPress post-Gutenberg will look like and be capable of!


  4. Miroslav Glavic

    I can’t remember the link, I was using a train station’s wifi while waiting for my next train to arrive…UK citizens might lose the .eu domain. If Amnesty is based in London….they might lose their .eu domain. (due to BREXIT)


  5. Jaki Levy

    Good to see Gutenberg being used for such a great org. And thx to Big Bite for taking a big bite out of developing with Gutenberg. It’s a big risk doing a project like this, but good partnerships and good communications make all the difference.


  6. Savvy

    I remember when you were able to tell right away that which websites were made with WordPress, now days this platform has become more flexible and customizable than some html temples. The learning curve is not that steep either, making wordpress very popular with blogs and ecommerce. I would say that since they need to keep up to date with whatever plugin they use, they need to have someone in charge of the maintenance of the page. I hope Big Bite and Amnesty International develop a long relationship.


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