1. Norcross

    first off, amazing work on this. it’s the first solid use of Post Formats I’ve seen.

    for the next project, I’d love to see something that either handles external data aggregation (i.e. Instagram, Twitter feed, etc) or pulling some admin functions into the front end in a clean way.


  2. Peter Knight

    I’m a big fan of this theme and would love to learn how backbone.js was integrated. Amazing job.
    For a next project, I’d love to see the powers of backbone taken to the next level with a more community centered site design. WPTavern definitely needs a repaint!


  3. James W. Lane

    I think this looks to be one of the best design themes I seen in a long time, with the backend development done its amazing. Congratulations The Theme Foundry. I also would like to dig in the code to see how backbone and underscore was used.

    For the next project I think you guys should tackle a corporate theme. Most the ones out there are cookie cutter and plain. With the technology you have leveraged on this theme, your design chops. I think you can break that mold into a thousand pieces.


  4. Jeff

    I agree. More themes that take advantage of backbone and other ajax-driven technologies sounds like something I’d like to see more of as well. At the same time, how difficult is it to extend a theme like this that relies on these front-end technologies versus a more ‘standard page load’ theme?


  5. Erlend Sogge Heggen

    Collections looks absolutely stunning! Could have easily been a default WordPress theme, if only the timing (post formats / content blocks) was right.

    Sounds very relevant to the big conversation about “Improving the content editing experience (in WordPress)” going on over at Make right now. Would love to see the ThemeFoundry guys come over there and share some experiences and ideas.

    As for the “next theme” suggestion, I’d love to see a Presskit theme, basically ripping off this (unfortunately somewhat stagnant) project:


  6. tracy rotton

    This is a stunning theme. Truly gorgeous. I’m intrigued by the use of backbone.js to add to its “application”-type feel. I’d love to have a copy that I can tear down and dig into how it all really works. Theme developers could learn a lot by dissecting innovative themes like this.

    +1 on seeing a business-style theme from Theme Foundry. All of their existing themes are extremely creative, and it would be awesome to see them put a new spin on a theme for small businesses.


  7. Eric Mesa

    For your next theme I’d like to see a magazine format – I think to contrast your work with what Auttomattic comes out with for Twenty Fourteen would be AWESOME


  8. Brandon Mullins

    I have been looking for a theme for a new project I am working on, and this one is very unique.


  9. Marc Fuller

    I would really like to see their innovation and Collections quality breakthrough design applied to a new theme for Real Estate brokers.


  10. Chris Rault

    First off, really awesome work on Collections! I really love seeing other theme providers think outside the box and Collections is definitely a unique take on WordPress post formats.

    What I was especially interested in, was the use of Backbone.js in the theme, as it’s something we’ve been considering using in our own products.

    One thing I am curious about though, which nobody seems to have mentioned, is what measures have been taken to ensure the content / site is accessible without javascript being enabled?

    I took a look at the demo with js turned off and all that’s displayed is the logo and menu (http://d.pr/i/W00D), which seemed a bit odd.

    Surely it would make sense to fall back to the “normal” method of loading the content and links when browsing the theme with javascript disabled?

    PS, I realise that this is a case of the kettle calling the pot black, considering the product demo on our own site doesn’t function properly without javascript being enabled, but we’re working on an updated version which addresses this :P



  11. Jeffro

    Just wanted to let everyone know that Peter Knight was selected out of the random name generator to win the free copy of collections without support. Congrats Peter. Thanks to everyone else for your feedback to the theme foundry.


  12. Drew Strojny

    Thanks for all the great ideas! We really appreciate it :-)

    Also, congrats Peter!


  13. chris mccoy

    bought this the other day, very impressed so far ;)


  14. Sreejesh

    Amazing its like behind the scenes of a movie scene. The theme looks cool. Its going to get lot of likes and admirers


  15. Rodolfo Rodrigues

    Just loved the theme! I need it! Pleeeease!

    For the next theme, being a developer I guess that it would be cool to have actions and filter hooks that could make me turn the theme into a more flexible CMS platform so I could add my own stuff to be controlled by the user on the admin panel ;)


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