1. Vitor Madeira

    Great news! Thank you.


  2. jon

    >With a small team, there’s no dedicated resources on the project
    Aren’t bbPress and BuddyPress Automattic products now?

    As a widely used Plugin which is Featured on the WordPress.org repository and backed by Automattic it’s easy for visitors to assume that bbPress has more support than it does.

    It would be great to see more support for bbPress and BuddyPress and progress on the postponed features.
    These products are still a “standard” for these types
    of functionality within WordPress with great potential and high visibility.


  3. John Montgomery

    Honestly, I’d have expected a bit more with the $50K investment in the indiegogo campaign. My main concern was bbPress — and frankly I didn’t see much improvement to the product since the campaign. It kinda seemed like a scam after the first year since contributing….

    ..especially since there was only one direct email update I received as a supporter. I understand that time is divided and the heart is a volunteer project, but the lack of direct communication was stunning.

    A little communication goes a long way…


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