Barry Kooij Adopts The Download Monitor Plugin

Developed by Mike Jolley, Download Monitor is an eight year old plugin with over 600k downloads. Download Monitor provides an interface for uploading and managing downloadable files including support for multiple versions, inserting download links into posts, and logging downloads.

It has been rewritten 4 times, seen well over 100 releases, and been downloaded 600,000 times. The latest ‘v1’ reboot has been praised and I often receive nice comments from users even though development has slowed of late.

Due to time constraints, Jolley placed Download Monitor up for adoption. Barry Kooij, a coworker of Jolley’s, adopted the plugin. Kooij is already working on the next version and users should see an update soon. Regarding the plugin’s future, Jolley states, “I’m really excited about its future and I’m happy that Download Monitor is in safe hands.”

How to Put a Plugin up For Adoption

The Download Monitor plugin has a happy ending but there are several plugins that are abandoned every year. If you’re thinking about abandoning your plugin, consider putting it up for adoption instead.

When a plugin author adds the ‘adopt-me‘ tag, it shows up in a list of other plugins using the same tag. Currently, there are 19 plugins available for adoption. Simply get in touch with the author and ask if you can take over development.


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