1. Jeff Chandler

    It’s nice to have the project’s co-creator step in every once and awhile and set the record straight on a few things.


  2. Justin

    As Matt says, if you keep your site up to date and password strong, it will be reasonably secure, its funny how people usually expect security to be a highly involved technical process, instead of just something simple like updating software.


  3. Martin

    Matt is a stellar ambassador for our community. Dude is legit.


  4. Peter Cralen (@PeterCralen)

    It’s cool that co-founder and business owner of big company is still part of community and not just someone from history of WordPress.


  5. wp-tutoring.com

    Matt was 100% correct. There is no reason why if done correctly, WordPress couldn’t be used to promote a bank’s efforts. With other mainstream heavyweights using the platform, the system has proven itself as a viable choice. We do have to fight security issues (and mis-perceptions), however to make sure it is continued to be utilized.


  6. Ray Mitchell

    What continually amazes me is how many “businesses” are willing to spend money on SEO services, but are unwilling to spend money to maintain their websites and keep software up to date. Then everyone is surprised to find out their website has been hacked/defaced.


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