Automattic Sporting Haikus

automatticlogo Automattic, the company behind has revamped their home page by presenting a clean layout of the services they own along with the non-profit open-source projects they support.


I like this new way of presenting the projects page which used to show the same information. This clearly shows the projects they support that they don’t directly own/operate which I hope clears some of the confusion people have with thinking Automattic is the development force behind

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  1. Bit plain for me… I like the layout but something needs to be done about the looks.


  2. @Martin – It is a bit plain but it’s always been that way for Automattic. I find the simplicity to be refreshing. However, I think the simplicity of the style is simple yet stylish.


  3. It’ll get a design refresh, I just wanted to get the content going. It had been sitting on my laptop for too long.


  4. @Matt – Great to hear Matt, maybe a splash of blue or something would help out. But great way of showcasing what Automattic has to offer right on the front page.

    Do you have a philosophy with using Haiku’s or is there anything special about them? There is a lot of Haiku stuff around the WordPress project lol.


  5. Poetry is poetry. (more words because your comment form requires it.)


  6. @Matt – Sorry about that, it’s one more form of anti comment spam which has worked by the way.

    But I understand now.


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