1. Tony Zeoli

    Very good idea for WordPress.com custom domain holders. Since it would be difficult for custom domain holders to use CloudFlare’s free Flexible SSL offering, getting LetsEncrypt SSL automatically is a big plus. Since SSL is now a minor ranking signal, these sites will certainly see the benefits in SERPS.

    I’m using CloudFlare’s free offering on all my domains in a WP network on WP Engine. It’s been smooth sailing for me on that front with SSL, but I do have to install the CloudFlare plugin and set an API key, so the WordPress.com offering is lighter, faster, and a great option for those custom URL holders.


  2. Omanemoses

    I think self hosted site should also be given this service also we are all using WordPress.


  3. Magwinya Wired

    Working 100%, I installed Let’s Encrypt on all my domains powered by NGINX Web Server, automated , and signed HTTPS certificates.


  4. Steve Hoare

    If you have visitors using XP then they will get certificate errors. Only Firefox on XP works, but IE and Chrome do not.


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