1. Andrew

    I’m wondering why this theme is missing the full-site-editing tag?

    There is also another Blockbase child theme – Seedlet (Blocks) – just live today in .org that is not tagged as full-site-editing.

    Do the authors not want their block themes to be more discoverable in .org?


  2. Ed

    I just tested the Blockbase theme and was very impressed by FSE. I would quickly ditch my favorite design plugin for FSE. The only question, is there a timeframe when a RC will be available?


    • Justin Tadlock

      If it happens this year (I think it will), I’d probably say we’d see an RC for the site editor and global styles features in the fall before the WP 5.9 release. A lot of things need to fall in place for this to happen, but I think it’ll be strong enough for public use at that point.


  3. Charlie

    Interesting. I’m not able to “Preview” the child theme or parent via the latest version of Chrome or Edge. Other themes work fine in “Preview”. Is it just me?


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