Automattic Gets A New Systems Wrangler

automatticlogo Monitoring the Twitter stream today, I discovered that Automattic has hired on a new Systems Wrangler in Stephane Daury. In his post, you can clearly read the excitement given off by this job opportunity. Hell, I’d be happy to. Stephane has a few WordPress plugins under his belt, WPhone being the one I recognize. While the job is a dream come true for Stephane, he realizes it won’t be easy.

Don’t get me wrong, although this assignment represents, to me, the professional chance of a lifetime, it will also be the most challenging by far, the scale of it all mind boggling. Nothing is won yet beyond the opportunity and everything is still left to be achieved. Needless to say, I will be doing my very best (and then some) to own the said challenge and prove Barry, Matt and others I am indeed the right guy for the job.

Good luck Stephane and congratulations.

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