1. Scott Craig
    · Reply

    I really hope WP scan is kept as a standalone plugin.

    The Unix philosophy of having each tool do one thing well is a much better approach than adding constant feature bloat to one plugin.

    A vibrant independent developer community of specialised tool makers is what has made WordPress the success it is today.

    The recent trend toward consolidation has been breaking previously great tools and placing a lot of power over the ecosystem’s direction into very few hands.

    I very much welcome the ability Matt has to buy and then open source previously closed tools for the benefit of everyone. But could he please keep the tools separate & not subsume them into one giant Borg like entity.


  2. Guti
    · Reply

    Guess it will only be included in the paid programs.


  3. Steven Gliebe
    · Reply

    I’m wondering if Jetpack Security will ever proactively protect against attacks like Wordfence or Sucuri.

    Scanning and brute force protection are good but it it’s hard to justify Jetpack Security’s cost without some type of firewall. You get more protection at a lower price with a setup like WordFence Premium + UpdraftPlus Premium, especially at scale. Throw in automatic updates and hosting-level backups and Bob’s your uncle.


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