Are You Ready To Wpazo?

wpazologoDo you even know how to pronounce the word wpazo? Try wuh PAW zo. According to the site, the word means to hit something or someone—esp. over the head—with the power of WordPress. The best WordPress stuff and a blog that hits you over the head with the good links to all the best WordPress stuff. Based on what I can tell, this is a dropping point for Ian Stewart for bookmarking and sharing cool WordPress stuff he finds across the web. Most of the content appears to have something to do with Thematic but since the site is a personal drop off point for Ian, that’s to be expected.

If Ian is your kind of guy and you enjoy the stuff he finds, you might want to add Wpazo to your feed reader. In fact, Wpazo even has a Twitter account.

7 responses to “Are You Ready To Wpazo?”

  1. Thanks for the mention, Jeff. Although only 2 posts have something to do with Thematic. Pretty far from most! :)

    In fact, I expect that you won’t see much related to Thematic or ThemeShaper on Wpazo. It’s sort of an outlet for me to, well, do what it says on the tin: link out to all the best WordPress stuff. Something that I’d do on ThemeShaper—if I didn’t feel it diluted that blog. Instead, you get distilled, 180 proof WordPress links on Wpazo.

  2. @Ian Stewart – Well, the way it was setup and it’s a single authored site not taking submissions, I pretty much concluded it was your personal link drop but with the benefit of other people being able to see what you discovered.

  3. Ian, thanks for the link to my site.

    Wpazo has already come in handy. You posted “One WordPress Install, Multiple Sites” and that topic is one I was asking about just the other day.


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