Anyone Ever Hear Of A Server Drive?

While browsing around the archive of, I came across a blog post from 2004 where Matt Mullenweg describes WordPress having multi-blog capabilities. He also mentions at the end of the blog post about how the server has been up and down with a description of a long term solution. So without further adieu.

To make a very long and frustrating story short: there were problems due in part to the recent popularity of WordPress. They should be fixed for now, but a long-term solution is needed. This will probably come in the form of a Server Drive, where we all drive out to the server and kick it until it works.

I’ve created a brand new category on the site called Quotes. I think that quotes sometimes deserve a post of their own and as I come across note worthy quotes from across the WordPress community, I’ll be publishing them here for me to look back on.

By the way, hope Matt still has that sense of humor from 2004.


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