Andy Peatling Part Deux

buddypresslogoIt’s a bit short notice I know, but I’ve been dealing with things behind the scenes. At any rate, to kick off our new Tuesday recording schedule, we’ll be interviewing Andy Peatling, lead developer of BuddyPress. The last time we had Andy on the show was December 19th, 2008. As I’ve written about here on there has been plenty of changes taking place within the BuddyPress project, specifically with themes. While I’ve got a few questions myself, I know there are readers of the site who are interested in BuddyPress. Just place your question in the comments and I’ll get Andy to answer it.


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  1. I’m a huge fan of BuddyPress, and try to help out as much as I can with reporting bugs and submitting patches, but when can we expect to see BuddyPress at a stage where it is relatively stable? I’m not talking bug free, obviously, but where all aspects of the already established base will just work.

  2. 1) What can you tell us about when WPMU and WP code base will be merged and what will that mean for BuddyPress?

    2) What were your thoughts / expectations when you started building Buddypress and did you ever imagine it would lead to an Automattic job?

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  3. @JamieO – you might be the first person to ever use an unordered list in my comments form lol. I’ll look into it to see how easy it is to add a style for that. Your questions have been jotted down

  4. Got two not that serious questions but it relates to all the confusing naming that goes on in the WP community.

    1: Given the “theme framework” they are releasing for BuddyPress I’m curious as what he might see as the equivalent of a “skin” for WordPress/BuddyPress.
    2: Why not call the parent theme a parent theme and not a theme framework given that it can have child themes =).

    Its sort of similar to the whole premium theme thing. Plugins thankfully don’t suffer from this yet.

  5. I like Andreas’ questions.

    Theme framework is a stupid term to use IMO. Just call it a “theme”, because that’s all it is. Just because it happens to be coded in such a way that makes it easier to create a child theme doesn’t change the fact that it is still just a regular old garden variety theme.

  6. Maybe OT but:

    In the context of software and web publishing a theme/skin is usually a term describing a graphical appearance.

    The parent/child theme distinction is useful to separate child themes from normal themes.

    When it comes to the theme framework term I think its useful to make the distinction from themes with a graphical appearance, addressing that the theme is made to bring a framework of functionality to make graphic skins/child themes on top of.

    However theres a framework buzz and too many call their themes frameworks, even though they really dont bring much functionality for child theming.

    To me the term theme framework has a clear semantic meaning, and is useful to make a distinction from regular themes with graphic appearance and no extra functionality for child theming.

    A interesting question for Andy is:

    When you decided on using the term theme framework, does that imply that the theme will be developed actively as a framework along the lines of true theme frameworks like Hybrid, Thematic, Carrington etc. ?

  7. How many sites are currently using BuddyPress and how is the growth ?

    I believe a social network site must be very easy to use to be truly successful. How are you currently working with usability, and will BP be included in the usability labs testing Jane are setting up ?

  8. why did you try to reinvent the wheel with this strange navigation (3 colums). I like the product, but to get used to it takes a lot of time. And I still do not understand it completely.

  9. Buddypress has created a thriving community for artists on my site. We use it to find other artists to collaborate with. One feature we are dependent upon that just isn’t working for us is the search feature. Multiple words aren’t working and the search only shows the first 15 users of a query. Do you know a fix or a hack to make it work easier?

    It’s an amazing job you’ve done with this! Can’t wait for the future updates! It’s rad!

  10. If it’s not too late, what role, if any, do you still have at ChickSpeak and what’s the best part of working for Automattic?


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