Andrew Nacin Intros WP_Theme Class For WP 3.4

Theme authors take note, Andrew Nacin is currently leading the charge on rewriting large swathes of get_themes(). Andrew has spent the better part of the last week working on the WP_Theme Class which will make theme authors lives a lot easier. If you’re a theme developer, I encourage you to thoroughly review ticket #20103 to provide feedback on these changes.


2 responses to “Andrew Nacin Intros WP_Theme Class For WP 3.4”

  1. Thanks for that, though despite the name of the class, this doesn’t really affect theme developers. get_themes() and get_theme() are both largely internal functions. Even plugins don’t use them very often. This will affect theme developers mainly by allowing us to build awesome goodies like multiple screenshots.

  2. Thank you Andrew for the information
    I seek to be able to ‘deliver’ a different theme according to the “role” of the logged user. my need is for ‘developpement’ purpose where I would have a wait page theme for all user but one ‘on work’ theme for the admin to be able to get use to it ‘live’

    I understand that this must be done at a plugin stage, before theme is loaded which is obvious but I have no idea where to start

    any tips?

    thank you in advance


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