1. David Right

    The other kicker is that people cannot just add their affiliate link anywhere on the web and hope to receive credit — they’re really gearing this towards affiliates that have clients that need it, not just affiliate marketers in general.


  2. Eric Mann

    I’m kind of skeptical about this program based on the fact that the single site option ($59/yr) and the multiple medium site option ($550/yr) have the exact same total cap on comments (80,000). There’s no additional overhead in processing requests from multiple domains … so if it’s the same account with the same activity cap, what’s the point of a ~$500 price jump between the two?

    It almost seems to be penalizing people who work with more than one domain. But I might be a bit biased in that regard because I split my personal blog across multiple domains to better segregate, style, and manage categorical content. At the same time, all of my sites are still a single WP network installation with a single instance of Akismet filtering comments … in this paradigm, I’d be limited to 80,000 comments no matter what, but would I end up paying $59/yr or $550/yr?


  3. John Howard

    We checked this out and another part we wondered about is definition of a site. We use multi-site domain mapping so technically we have one site and a bunch of sub-sites under it. Think we could get by with one API Key?


  4. ES

    I think that WP should stop monetizing the ‘filtering of spam comments’ part. Its better to focus monetization on areas which will enable publishers to be more productive and make more money themselves. That way, they’ll be glad to pay for a service.


  5. Harry, ExposedPlanet

    Hmm, this is a bit like the problem with Google Adwords, where they ‘discourage ‘ illegal clicks but still charge the advertiser for them.

    Blog owners have no influence on the number of spam comments, so I do hope they mean legitimate comments. It is not good if any company (including Automattic) has a financial incentive to spam WordPress blogs.


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