1. Leonardo Losoviz

    This is great, great news! Thanks Ahmad, I’ll certainly check it out!


  2. Jakub Mikita

    Very nice action, certainly needed!

    There’s one con, though – it’s missing the build process. While it will be enough to deploy simpler plugins, it won’t be valid when you have Composer, Sass and ES6 in your project. Unless you upload all the processed files into Git, which is a terrible idea ;)

    This is why we stick to Buddy CI/CD, where we are building dev and prod packages, upload zips into various locations and deploy to SVN. Github actions probably won’t be able to do that in a long time :(


    • Jakub Mikita

      Actually, I have to take back some of my words! I have set up some nice testing workflow for one of my plugins and it’s pretty neat. I just don’t know what about the filesystem and each job. Are they sharing filesystem or not?

      Or “build & deploy zip to FTP” has to be within one job and “build & deploy to SVN” another one?


  3. Koen Reus

    Nice to see something like this in an easy and ready to use package. It took me days -if not weeks- to get this right with CircleCI and bash scripts.


  4. Ahmad Awais

    Thank you, Justin, for writing this piece and sharing the wp-continuous-deployment CLI with everyone.

    I’m happy to see the engagement and thorough feedback, I’ve found a couple of excellent workflows that can make it even easier to replace a WordPress CI/CD pipeline with GitHub Actions.

    I hope to release a couple of new versions with such updates. Feel free to ✭ star the repository for updates on the next versions. https://github.com/ahmadawais/wp-continuous-deployment.



  5. Rao Abid Ali

    That’s cool Awais,
    I shall give it a try.

    just a question, will it deploy to WP repo each time i git push ?


  6. Ahmad Awais

    ^Abid read the docs for that. It will only deploy the README updates if those are the ones that changed since the last tag you pushed. Otherwise, you’ll have to push a new tag to deploy a new version.

    Peace! ✌️


  7. Abuzar Khan

    Thanks, Ahmad for the latest update. Now it will be easy for us to update plugins automatically.


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