After The Deadline Likely To Be Renamed SpellPress

Thanks to some detective work from community member Gautam, it looks as though After The Deadline will be renamed to SpellPress. The open source version of After The Deadline has recently seen a slew of file name changes where sp is now the file prefix. SP standing for SpellPress. When specifically asked whether the change in names would occur, Raphael who represents the AtDev account on Twitter responded with the following:

@_GautamGupta_ Good detective work. Most likely the answer is yes.

I applaud the change in names as SpellPress is to the point and does not require as much explanation as to what the service does when compared to After The Deadline. Some folks have asked, why not sooner? After The Deadline was an ongoing project before Automattic acquired Raphael and his technology so therefor, the name, After The Deadline stuck around.



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