After Four Years – WPShout Is Under New Ownership

wpshout logoLong time WordPress community member Alex Denning has announced that his WordPress centric site WPShout is now under new ownership. Alex has reached the point where his job combined with his university study work has made it impossible for him to keep the site going. Thankfully, Alex has found a great home for the site. New owners Fred and David of Press Up will be taking over the site. According to their introductions within the announcement post, they seem to fit in naturally with providing the type of content WPShout readers have come to expect.

We’re really excited to be taking over WPShout, and glad that we were able to talk Alex into sticking around in an advising role for the transitional period. He’s built a great resource here, and we’re eager to keep his vision alive and make it even better.

Kudos to Alex for finding the right individuals to take over the site. I know from experience that giving up something that was built from the ground up is not an easy task but handing it over to the right individuals makes the process a lot easier to cope with. For those of you that would like to keep in touch with Alex, you can follow him on Twitter or keep an eye on his personal site Sevenironcows.

Before I let you go, please check out Alex Denning’s Webhosting Review 2013 Results that he published two weeks ago. Also, I’ll have Alex, Fred, and David on this week’s episode of WordPress Weekly to discuss the transition of the WPShout website. Considering how busy Alex will be with university, this may be the only opportunity we get to talk to him about his experience in the WordPress community.


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