Absolute Privacy Plugin Now At v1.2

absoluteprivacyJohn Kolbert who authors a few different WordPress plugins has released an update to Absolute Privacy. The new update now allows XML-RPC protocols such as the iPhone App and also prevents subscribers from reaching any of the administration pages. Absolute Privacy provides a wealth of options for those wanting to really turn their blog into a private domain. Here is listing of the features currently supported.

  • Force registrants to enter first and last name
  • Allow registrants to choose their own passwords
  • Moderate users: new registrants cannot login until approved
  • Get emailed every time an approval is waiting (with a link for quick approval)
  • Lock out all non-logged in views from your website (configurable)
  • Prevent subscribers from viewing admin pages (like their profile page and the dashboard)
  • Perfect for family blogs, personal sites, and private communities!

In essence, it takes WordPress privacy settings to the next level without compromising ease of use for those that need it. While not directly related, I’ve used a simple yet effective plugin in the past from John Kolbert called WP Admin Favicon which enables people to provide a favicon strictly for the WordPress administration area. It can get hectic inside a browser with 10 tabs or more open and with only the favicon to go by, choosing the right tab that has your WordPress write panel in it is a nightmare without a custom fav icon. John tells me that his next project related to these two plugins is language localization support.



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