1. Taeke Reijenga

    The A11Y Collective by Level Level – which runs on WordPress and uses WooCommerce and Learndash for its e-learning program on web accessibility – is a Webby Honoree in the category ‘Diversity and Inclusion’. See https://vote.webbyawards.com/PublicVoting#/2021/websites-and-mobile-sites/general-websites-and-mobile-sites/diversity-inclusion?honoree


  2. George Olaru

    Thanks for sharing these websites, Sarah! I noticed a few more.

    In the Best Writing (Editorial) category, another two sites are using WordPress: Quant Magazine and Mel Magazine.

    Also, there are two blogs in the Business Blog/Website category: Work Life by Atlassian and Redshift by Autodesk.


  3. Victor Winners

    So excited to know that WordPress is not just being represented in this award, it is actually taking the lead.

    In the nearest future, I believe with its consistent innovations, WordPress is not just going to be the CMS to recon with, it’s convenience of use will help it replace so many other website development platforms.


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