A Theme With 70 Different Widget Spots

I stumbled across this theme the other day called Tachyon by RocketTheme and noticed that is has 70 widget positions. That is insane. I can’t imagine how much of a burden or a nightmare it would be to manage something like that from the back-end of WordPress as just having 15 or so widgets can become cumbersome. This link will show you all of the various widget spots complete with there variations. Check out the following image which shows a blueprint of where all of the widget spots are located.

Tachyon Widget Spots


18 responses to “A Theme With 70 Different Widget Spots”

  1. Using that many widgets is insane… Unless you have a front-end editor. Not sure if they have that.

    Alternatively, if they have customized the widget screen to have a friendlier display like Stephanie Leary once did, then it can work.

    Although, I think having this many queries on the homepage will certainly affect the load time. But with proper caching, it can be controlled.

  2. True that, using that many widgets is indeed just crazyness.

    I remember back when widgets were first introduced, I stayed away from them for the longest time .. and now I can’t live without them.

    But really, 70? That’s a little over the top.

  3. Wow! You know, I can almost see how that thought process might go down. Looking for maximum customizeability, etc. Dive into the rabbit hole, and just keep going.

  4. @Rev. Voodoo – I just don’t understand why you’d really have the need for that many *widgets* … at the point of wanting that much customization, why not just use something like a “theme creator” instead.

  5. This is a classic case of a theme trying to please everyone by providing a ridiculous and unmanagable amount of customisation. When you get to this point, it’s futile and you end up pleasing nobody.

  6. In that image the content area is just 1/18th of the entire page. probably not the ideal ratio.

  7. I manage about 15 or so widgets too on my site and feel that it is too much. Plus imagine loading a page with 70 widgets on it! Insane for sure.

  8. The areas with vertically stacked section is especially ridiculous. Just put *more widgets* in the one widget area.


    If this was to get around users not knowing you can put more than one widget in a widget area, then the theme shop that did this is failing to provide some basic education.

  9. Actually I think all the widget positions may come in handy. Folks who build magazine and newspaper websites will find them very handy.

  10. @Andrea_R: TRUE! That guy did not really understand Widgets. The 3-4 horizontal rows can be grouped. Unless he needs a clearing between them or plans to show them in a JS slider. Either way,

    I’d love to see a snapshot of the Widgets admin.

  11. Wow! That is definitely insane!!!! I am almost certain that the load time would be awfully slow. I’ve had several issues with load time on my site and it does not have a fraction of the widgets that this theme has.

  12. I see what they have done, but do you really need to design each widget area with different CSS styling?

    Wouldn’t it be better to create options to change the styling of each widget area rather than adding so many widget areas, and styling each one individually? OR creating a stylesheet that you uncomment certain areas depending on the widget styling you preferred?

  13. I needed something like this a while back when someone wanted to have many rss feeds on front page showing all new stuff for their 30-40 sites, I ended up using Feed Me Semore (i think it is spelled right).
    For me way to complicated!

  14. Yeah, but you just know that there are people out there who are trying to use it. I like having a good variety of locations for modules/widgets but this is, well…

  15. Wow, can someone say, “Adsense Optimized”, lol..this would be an advertisers dream! But seriously, I can’t even think of 70 plugins I like for wordpress, let alone 70 widget areas….but they are drumming up talk about their company, so I guess it’s working…


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